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Midyear Meeting

There is not a midyear meeting scheduled for 2017.

Sound Solutions 2016

The 2016 Sound Solutions was held at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa on 21 - 22 September. This workshop, Sound Solutions 2016, was co-hosted by Iowa State and the Ultrasonic Industry Association.

 The workshop covered:

  • The use of ultrasonics for food security and quality assurance. This will include measuring food properties and phase detection, such as meat structure and fruit and vegetable ripeness, as well as a range of other topics. This will be a half day of seminars, demonstrations and laboratory tours followed by a dinner.
  • The use of high power ultrasonics for food processing. This will include de-foaming, food cutting and packaging as well as fundamental concepts. This will be a half day of seminars, demonstrations and laboratory tours followed by a boxed lunch.

The workshop was co-sponsored by the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) and is chaired by David Grewell, director of the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites and affiliate of the Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR). The workshop will include tours of laboratories located at CCUR and CIRAS.

Wednesday Sept 21

12:40 pm

Welcome -

Peter Nadolny, Program Manager, CIRAS,  Welcome and Review of CIRAS 

Dr. Leonard Bond, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Director of Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, Iowa State University

1:00 pm

Fundamental of Lower Power Ultrasonics - Timothy Bigelow, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University  What do you measure – amplitudes/arrival time, velocity and attenuation  basic measurement systems, including transduction -- how do you relate ultrasound measurements to food properties of interest.  

2:00 pm

 Ultrasonic Characterization of Process Streams -  Dr. Leonard Bond  Fluid flow properties, density, viscosity, multi-phase, composition, foreign material detection

3:15 pm

 Meat Grading and Tissue Characterization - Dr. Viksit Kumar, Research Fellow, May Clinic  Imaging and backscatter - marbling and meat structure (tissue characterization)

4:15 pm

Process Measurements and Other Food Industry Examples - Dr. Leonard Bond  Liquid level, fouling, blade beaks (cutters) degree of ripeness, blanching, etc.

Thursday Sept 22 

8:00 am

Fundamentals of High Power Ultrasonics,Principles, Equipment, and Parameters - Dr. David Grewel, Director, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University

9:00 am

Ultrasonic Sealing in Packaging: Theory & Principles, Equipment & Solutions - Hans Neisser, Packaging Product Manager, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 

10:15 am

 Ultrasonic Food Processing - Hans Neisser, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

11:00 am

 Ultrasonics and Milk Processing - Dr. Stephanie Clark, Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, FSHNH


Sound Solutions 2015

A field having such great breadth as ultrasonics presents a challenge at keeping abreast of all the endeavors in academia, applied research, industrial and medical uses, and new product developments. While the UIA Symposium highlights work in these areas, there is still more to be discussed. So the UIA responded by offering a focused workshop that delves deep into topics that have been identified by you.

The focus of the first Sound Solutions workshop was industrial applications and challenges with high power ultrasound. On October 20th, 2015, the workshop kicked off with a reception and Karl Graff’s presentation on the Fundamentals of Power Ultrasonics. The event continued on October 21st at EWI’s Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. While the morning session spoke to specific uses such as welding, soldering, forming, machining, and others, non-typical presentations were also given on Automotive Light Weighting Trends, Manufacturing Trends, and Equipment and Tooling. 

The afternoon session carried on as an interactive session where attendees had the opportunity to engage speakers and experts in the field on specific challenges, but also talk amongst the attendees about potential applications for future uses. The workshop concluded with a tour of EWI’s facilities and first-hand look at their extensive research in industrial systems using high power ultrasonics.

The first Sound Solutions workshop was deemed a success having drawn in just under 30 attendees from across the country. There was outstanding engagement and several interesting ideas presented for potential uses. A major contributor to making this event a success was due to our sponsors, Dukane, EWI, Integra, Sonobond, and ToolTex Inc. We grateful for your continued support.

In making this year’s Sound Solutions workshop even more successful, we need to hear from you! As previously mentioned, the goal of this workshop is to specifically address topics that have widespread interest with those working with ultrasonics. We are currently in the planning stages of this year’s workshop and will continue to solicit topics at UIA 45 in April. What would you like to hear more about!

-Matt Short