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New SYMPOSIUM dates: 2015 April 20 / 22 Washington DC USA.

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How can ultrasonics enhance the value of your business?

UIA is the international business forum for users, manufacturers, and researchers of ultrasonics. Our members use acoustic vibrations to improve materials, industrial processes, and medical technology. We call this "powering sound ideas."

Let's work together to power your sound ideas. Contact a member consultant or company through our Forum and Referral Network, learn about ultrasonics with our extensive set of learning materials, or meet industry leaders at our next symposium.

44th Annual Symposium of the Ultrasonic Industry Association

Washington DC

43rd Annual Symposium of the Ultrasonic Industry Association

Madrid: A Success!

New NIH Center

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) has opened in Bethesda MD USA. Among the immediate applications of ultrasound to the Center's Initiatives are targeted drug delivery via the opening of the blood brain barrier, and plastic welding in the manufacturing of tissue-mimicking chips.

Therapeutic ultrasound in the popular press

Focused ultrasound surgery was named one of Time Magazine's 50 Best Inventions in its November 28, 2011 issue (subscription link), describing "multiple beams of acoustic energy [guided] into a concentrated hot spot deep inside the body to heat and melt away tumors..."

Members in the news

"Sunita Chauhan, winner of the 2010 IEEE Asia Pacific Women in Engineering (WIE) Most Inspiring Engineer of the Year Award, and associate professor, division of mechatronics and design at the school of mechanical and production engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, calls her career 'very enriching and satisfying,' especially when it inspires others." Salim N. The Most Inspiring Engineer of the Year. Women in Engineering Magazine, IEEE. Dec. 2011 5(2) 5-6.

Members say...

"The UIA has managed to perfectly blend academic and industrial world interests to boost a wonderful discipline wherein a lot still can be done. There is no doubt that the secrets behind all this are the passion, expertise, openness and modesty that older members have managed to transfer to the new ones throughout the years." READ MORE...